Top 5 In-Home Moving Services In Toronto

in home moving service in toronto

Top 5 In-Home Moving Services In Toronto

When it comes to moving your stuff within your home or building, you often probably feel the urge to do it yourself, perhaps with the help of a friend or two. Nonetheless, some heavy and delicate household items do require the care and handling of a professional. Although hiring an in-home moving service may cost you that extra buck, you get the full assurance that your property is in good and professionally trained hands.

Perhaps you want to renovate, clean, declutter, rearrange or redecorate, and you need to move stuff around. Or maybe you just need to change the location of a heavy household item. A specialized in-home moving company will help you haul your furniture and appliances from room to room and up and down stairs, ensuring that they are safe and undamaged. Professionals have the equipment and the expertise that it takes to ensure a smooth and error-free moving job, even if it involves disassembly and assembly.

Below is a rundown of five excellent in-home moving services in Toronto that will help take the stress off and ensure that your items are intact during the move.

#1 In-Home Movers (

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Here’s a company that completely specializes in on-location moves with experienced in-home movers that will go the extra mile to make sure that everything is perfect. Do you want to reorganize your furniture, load a storage unit, or set up for an event? In-home Movers is at your service with confidentiality and safety guaranteed. They also take the utmost care to protect your property, providing blanket wrapping for your furniture, special packaging for fragile items, and floor runners to cover your flooring. As far as in-home moving services in Toronto and surrounding areas are concerned, it doesn’t get any better than this!

#2 Hercules Moving Company

Heavy-lifting is one of the fortes of Hercules Moving Company, a company with specialized grand piano movers. They are well-known for the regular offsite moving, packing, and unpacking services that they offer. However, they’ll be sure to take the weight of in-home moving off your shoulders and provide you with the professional handling that you need for your furniture and appliances.

#3 Metropolitan Movers

With their Manpower option, Metropolitan Movers provides for in-home moving services of furniture and heavy household items for rearrangement or other purposes. You get the relief of extra pairs of strong and trained hands to make your work easy and straightforward.

#4 Rent-a-Son 

Although Rent-a-Son focuses on residential moving within the Greater Toronto Area, with their Labour Services and Small Moves options, Rent-a-Son movers will move pieces within your home as well as load and offload storage containers.

#5 Cargo Cabbie

Cargo Cabbie has gained a reputation as a trustworthy and efficient moving company in the Greater Toronto Area, having been around since 2010. Among their wide range of moving services, they offer in-home and in-building moving of furniture and appliances. For an extra charge, they also offer moving boxes, tools, and supplies to keep your property safe during the move.

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