Steps of a Move on Moving Day

Steps of a Move on Moving Day

Steps of a Move on Moving Day

Moving day doesn’t need to be a stressful day. The more prepared you are the quicker and more efficiently your move will go.

When movers are arriving to move your items they should be clean and ready to lift. Small items should be already in boxes or bins. Large items should be clean, electronics should be unplugged, and instructions ready for the movers of what needs to be accomplished.

The movers will arrive and request to do a walk through with someone on location. This helps to get an understanding of all the contents and where they are.

A load usually takes 1 to 4 hours which is determined by how prepared you are, how much stuff you have, and the ease of access the movers have to bring your things from origin to destination. An unload can be a bit quicker than the load (1-3 hours). This is due to the movers simply having to remove the protection applied instead of preparing the items for transport.

Steps of puting things in a moving truck

If you are moving household items and personal belongings the typical order of what the movers will grab goes as follows;

  1. Non boxed loose items – such as duffel bags, bags of clothes, pillows, large toys. etc. Enough to fill the ‘attic’ of the moving truck. This helps to optimize how much stuff can fit into the truck. The goal of large moves is to fit all your items in one truckload to save potentially hours of time on multiple trips.
  2. Boxes and bins – It helps if you use the same size boxes and bins the best you can. The medium size is best (something like 2ft x 2ft), to big and they don’t fit down your hallways, to small and it’s too many trips carrying light items. You should clearly label your boxes and bins to help let the movers know where to place it at your new place.
  3. Larger base piece items – Dressers, coffee tables, end tables, etc. Once prepped, wrapped, covered, disassembled if necessary these items are carefully placed in the truck to be safe from damage. When the truck is in motion it could be going uphill or downhill. Coming to stops and going over bumps on the road. Placement and securing of items in the truck are very important.
  4. Mirrors, wall art, TV’s, mattresses – Protected by either a cover, clear wrap, or blankets.
  5. Couches and Rugs – Rugs are brought in near the end which allows them to come out first. Often clients would like the movers to place things where they want them in the new home. The rugs need to be placed first in order for this to happen. Couches get clear wrapped if they are fabric and can be protected with blankets and clear wrap if leather.
  6. Outdoor and garage – These items are last to go in and first to come out.

Moving truck safe placement of items for travel

When the mover gets to your new place they will require someone’s assistance to direct them where to put everything. Depending on the size of the crew they will need guidance quite regularly. Do your best to be attentive and by the entrance, the movers are coming in through. You should know in advance where you want everything to go.

When all your items are into your new home, you can do a final walkthrough with the movers to request any final adjustments.