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New real estate staging moving staff helpers | Toronto and the GTA on location movers

There’s no denying that staging a home before listing it on the real estate market is one of the best things you can do to help get your property noticed and viewed as a higher valued asset. But when it comes to moving all the furniture around the property to find what arrangement looks best, professional care and human power needs to be considered. Fortunately there is a on location moving service that is designed for just this purpose.

Here is a list of top pieces of furniture to use when staging real estate:

  1. Modern sofa
  2. Dining room table with chairs (with plates and centrepiece)
  3. Vase for decor
  4. Artwork for decor
  5. Armchair or accent chair
  6. Stylish coffee table
  7. Area rug to add warmth to a room
  8. Queen bed frame and mattress with bedding and headboard
  9. Desk and office chair
  10. Mirrors to reflect natural light around the home
  11. Lounge chair or chaise
  12. Hallway table
  13. Outdoor furniture such as patio set and outdoor furnishings

Moving staging furniture:

1. Make sure the furniture is properly measured and stored in your storage area before transportation.

2. Calculate equipment and manpower needed for loading, unloading, and transporting the furniture if it not already on location.

3. Find moving professionals who will be able to handle the size and weight of your furniture pieces during transport and at and around the destination.

4. Ask if they can provide insurance in case of any damage while in transit. Insurance for moving companies usually comes in at least 2 tiers – a basic coverage plan for about $.60/lb and a premium plan which costs a fixed price but covers up to $7/lb per item if any damages occur.

5. Organize a safe space at the new site and have all obstacles or potential risks cleared from the path of transport prior to movers arriving so they can operate efficiently.

6. Load/move each piece around the property or onto a vehicle using appropriate tools, protective wrapping, and safety measures, such as straps and dollies.

7. Unload/move each piece safely into its new location, making sure that all pieces are properly aligned with walls and other items already present at that spot. Make sure not to slide any furniture and to use floor pads on any furniture legs that risk scratching the floor. Use floor runners where possible to keep carpets clean.

On location moving services:

Whether you have your own team of movers and a team member calls in sick or if you need a full team of movers for your real estate staging – In Home Movers has moving staff ready to help with your moving needs. You can get in touch for a free quote by filling out the contact form.