Here are 5 amazing moving companies in the Toronto Area

Here are 5 amazing moving companies in the Toronto Area

Here are 5 amazing moving companies in the Toronto Area

Moving can be an understandably stressful thing to do or get done, but it doesn’t have to be. A moving company is a service that specializes in moving things with proper handling and protection.

Some companies have distinguished themselves by doing a great job in terms of ensuring a smooth, safe, and stress-free move for people within the Greater Toronto Area. Here are five amazing moving companies that have positive reviews online.

In-Home Movers

In-Home Movers provides cost-effective moving services in Toronto and the GTA. From home-to-home moving to furniture rearranging within the home, In-Home Movers has what it takes to transport your belongings safely to their new resting spots. 

The company’s expertise with on-site moving sets it apart from others and comes in handy when you need to move fragile or heavy items within the same house or building. In-Home Movers also provides free estimates, piano moves, floor and furniture protection, and coverage protection plans.

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Hercules Moving Company

We can’t talk about comprehensive moving solutions within the GTA without mentioning Hercules Moving Company. Hercules offers a wide range of services such that it’s almost impossible for your move to require a service that it doesn’t provide. From wrapping to packing to disassembly and assembly of furniture, Hercules does it all with no hidden costs to worry about.

Cargo Cabbie

Over the years, Cargo Cabbie has built a reputation as one of the most reliable moving companies in the GTA. It is a punctual and professional Etobicoke-based company that specializes in home moves but can also handle other moving needs. Cargo Cabbie’s service is friendly, efficient, and sure to leave its clients satisfied.


Rent-A-Son is popular as an economical moving solution, charging based on the size of the job and the distance between destinations within the GTA. So you don’t have to worry about paying extra for time spent in traffic. The North York-based company also prides itself on its mover training program to let clients know they’re in good hands.

Your Friend With A Cube Van

It’s a cute name, fitting for a company that’s ideal for people moving into or out of small spaces with no bulky furniture or other belongings. Based in Cabbagetown and having over a decade of experience, this company is reliable, friendly, and suitably affordable for apartment and condo moves. 

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